I recently finished writing up my February trip to Morocco. You can see all the photos and my comments on them at flickr:

djemaa el fna at dusk

Now for food, let's get right down to it!

Sunday: A good food day. Bittman savory breakfast --  whole grain (this time it was barley) with soy sauce, sesame oil, a fried egg on top, and scallions. Super tasty! It reminded me how much I like Bi bim bop, and how I should try to make that sometime. (Bi Bim Bop is great at University Cafe in Ann Arbor and Oishii Cafe in Pittsburgh.)

Lunch: met miniGrollman and walked around Geneva, trying to find someplace open on a Sunday. Ended up getting pizza at Molino on the Place du Molard -- the best thing about it was that it was open. :)

Dinner: Red thai curry (used curry paste from the asian grocery store) with eggplants, peppers, basil, coconut milk & shrimp.

Monday: I made enchiladas! We don't have good tortillas here (too far from Mexico, I guess) so we brought some corn tortillas back with us from the US when we came back from Christmas. After using a bunch for tacos, we tossed them in the freezer and I got them out this week for enchilada-making. For the insides, I used roasted chicken that tossed with a lot of lime, cilantro, and green onion, and something like this mole sauce for the top. I also got some tips from a Rick Bayless enchilada recipe -- warming up the tortillas in the oven before making the enchiladas really helped stop them from breaking up.

Tuesday:  Leftover enchiladas. As sides, we served rice with tomatoes and butternut squash. I have always really liked butternut squash and Mexican food -- especially with black beans.

Wednesday: Tofu fried up in a pan, miso eggplant, rice. We have a lot of LHC Memorial Miso (from people who've moved back to the US) so this seemed like a good way to use some of it up. The eggplants were way tasty, but so, so sweet. Next time, less sugar.

Thursday: Dinner in Geneva at Little India with S&N. We liked it, though the Geneva prices for Indian (30-40 CHF (about $30) per person) still seem a little steep, even after 2 years.

Friday: Friends arrive from out of town -- our first attempt at making rösti. It's a German/Swiss dish that they have a lot in the mountains. Basically, it's hash browns. And then you put stuff on it. We had an excellent one in Bern that was potatoes with a little bit of applesauce on them, then bacon, topped with melted raclette cheese. There was another good-looking version recently at the CERN cafeteria -- really nice, crispy potatoes with a creamy mushroom sauce on the top and hot sun-dried-looking tomatoes. At our place, we offered applesauce, cheese, a fried egg on top, some broccoli that we'd already cooked, and maybe a few other things. The potatoes came out OK, but not as crispy as I would have liked. I think I need more patience. :)

Saturday: Veggiefest! Vegetarians in the house! A bunch of people came over (maybe there were 12 of us?) and everyone made many excellent dishes including indian cauliflower and lentil ones. G&J brought chocolate chip cookies that had as bonus ingredients: almonds, dried cherries, and cointreau. I thought they were super-awesome. Rose was saying she enjoyed the indian dishes, did we know how we cooked them? The answer was ... no. Katrina, Toyo, and I were all seasoning and stirring as we went by, but this was one case where many cooks did *not* spoil the soup. 

So you need to use up some miso? I just made a recipe for vegetarian tortilla soup from Berley's fresh food fast that called for 1/2 cup of miso! I think he's crazy. I reduced it to 1/4 cup and it was very tasty. I would never have thought to make a mexican tortilla soup with a miso base, but it worked out really well. I'll post the recipe soon.
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