remembering how to subtract six

Hi folks. I'm back at good old CERN this week, after a few weeks in the US. All day long, I'm thinking of people at home and subtracting 6. 1:29 pm? That's like 13:30, which is 7:30, which is too early to call spoons. Then sometimes I subtract 9. 10 pm? That's 1 pm in Seattle. Lunch time. Maybe I should call mom now?

My sister Liz has her palm pilot show the Seattle, NYC, and Geneva times so that knowing where her family is tells her when her family is. That's a good idea, but I don't really have a device to program like that. I wonder if I'm flexing my "subtract six" part of my brain here. Anybody need someone to subtract six, base 12? I'm your gal.

I haven't posted much here while I've been working on a few new projects: my job at CERN, and Camp Spoonhowopic. Both have been fun so far, and while Camp is over now, my job here is still just getting started.

I have a lot of older pictures to post (all in due time!) but if you are looking for tons of great and silly photos, check out the Camp flickr group.

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